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Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mommy Guilt

Disclaimer....So, this is just a rambling of how I'm feeling today, and in no way should be looked at, by anyone, as a judgement or criticism on them....okay, continuing on....

     I suffer from "Mommy Guilt".  I know lots of you moms out there suffer from this as well and have no idea how to deal with said guilt, but here's my taking on it.
     Ever since Austyn was 4 and in preschool, I have been soooooo beyond blessed to be at home for almost all the kids events at any given time on any given day.  Fast forward to elementary school and I became the homeroom parent for each kiddo and did so with enthusiasum and gymption!!  I watched several neighbor kiddos while their parents were working and sometimes when they weren't working, volunteered my fair share at church and throughout the normal school year as well.  I go to every assembly, fundraiser, play, school party, birthday lunches, you name it, I'm your gal!!!
     This school year I began working a steady job again, after watching my sweet niece for a year and a half and subbing with our school district for 6 months.  I now work 8 hrs each week as a preschool teacher outside the home and roughly 8-10 hours a week inside the home watching a neighbor's son and his sister, when they aren't in school. I still make it to every event school related, that I can, and extracurricular activities that the kids have, which are currently competition dance and karate.  Today marked the first day this school year that I haven't, neigh, didn't make it to a school event.
      The 5th grade at school is giving some presentations about what they have been learning in social studies on the American Revolution, and I have chosen to stay home this afternoon.........ENTER, MOMMY GUILT!!!!!  I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week, that I haven't had the time to get dishes, laundry, cleaning done around the house, that I had to make the executive decision to stay home this afternoon and catch up on all of that because starting at 3:55 pm this afternoon, the kids will be home for Spring Break until Mon, March 24, and my husband will be working pretty much sun up to sun down over the next 2 weeks, as it's inventory time for him at work, and I needed to take an hour or 2 to get things in order before the crazy chaos is upon me!!!
      I know that doesn't make me a horrible mom, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "What if EVERY 5th grade parent shows up today except me(which will never happen)"?????  But that thought is always on the forefront of my mind when I chose that 1 time per year to take the time and hope my kids still love me and the effort I put into their lives, even though I missed that 1 thing!!!
     Anyone else have a take on this out there???  How do we remind ourselves how important our roles as Moms and Dads are, yet also remind ourselves that taking time to take care of the home and/or our well being is just as important ?!?!  God has blessed us all with many talents/gifts and I sometimes wish I could be a super mom and do it all, but have to slowly step back and remember that my kids see me as a parent who would give up anything and/or everything just to make them happy.  It's worth it all in the end, but until then, I sure wish I had a magic method of not feeling bad for missing the one thing, that I KNOW, will not scar my child from my not being there.

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